Atlanta waterfalls: our top 10 favorite hikes near Atlanta

Atlanta waterfalls: our top 10 favorite hikes near Atlanta

Hike to Atlanta's most scenic falls on our top 10 favorite waterfall trails near Atlanta. (They may be no match for the towering cascades of North Georgia – but they're beautiful and well worth the hike!)

Atlanta’s rolling, hilly terrain and ample rivers, creeks and streams create the perfect environment for one of the most loved of all scenic views: the waterfall. They might not be as grand as the waterfalls the North Georgia mountains, but Atlanta’s waterfalls are most definitely hike-worthy. Close to the city and easy to explore, hike to these waterfalls on these easy to moderate, family-friendly trails; they’re perfect for an afternoon picnic or an early morning hike to start the day.

Atlanta waterfalls: our top 10 favorite hikes near Atlanta

Waterfalls near Atlanta: our favorite hikes

Grab a water bottle, a friend and a snack and head out to catch some cool, cascading waterfalls on our top ten favorite trails in the metro Atlanta area:

North Georgia waterfalls

Looking for a more remote hike, or down for chasing some larger falls? Hike our top ten hikes to North Georgia waterfalls to catch some seriously stunning waterfalls nestled in the southern Appalachians. New to hiking, or planning a hike with young kids? Check out these seven waterfall hikes in Georgia, all under two miles, to grand cascades without a difficult hike.

REMINDER: Slippery rocks and fast moving water can be extremely dangerous! Do not climb, stand above, swim near, or jump from any waterfall. See more water safety tips.

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