EnerPlex Jumpr Bar & Jumpr Quad Review

EnerPlex delivers off-grid, trail-friendly power with the compact Jumpr Bar and the dual-use Jumpr Quad, a high-energy battery pack and AAA / AA battery recharger.

We’ve been trekking with EnerPlex tech for nearly a year, fans of their power solutions for keeping our gear charged up when we’re off-grid. (If you missed them, check out our trail-tested reviews of the EnerPlex Jumpr Slate 5k battery and the lightweight, nearly indestructible Kickr IV solar panel.)

Enerplex Jumpr Bar & Jumpr Quad Battery Packs Review

We’ve been testing a few new power packs from EnerPlex, and we’ve been impressed by the same quality and rugged design that won us over with our first EnerPlex trail tests last year. The Jumpr Bar is a streamlined, lightweight power pack that’s simple to use and packs enough power (2,600 mAh) to recharge the average smartphone. And the larger, power-packed Enerplex Jumpr Quad doubles duty as a portable battery recharger (AA and AAA sizes) as well as a power source, delivering an impressive 9200 mAh via the included Ni-MH rechargeable AA batteries. Both batteries charge via USB, either on-grid or via the EnerPlex line of trail-friendly solar panels, like our Kickr IV.

EnerPlex Jumpr Bar: Our Review

The Jumpr Bar packs power in a slender bar that’s wrapped with a rubberized grip. Delivering 2,600 mAh, the Jumpr Bar delivers enough power to fully recharge most smartphones, give an emergency boost to a tablet, or power up a camera, GPS unit or other electronic gear via USB.

Enerplex Jumpr Bar & Jumpr Quad Battery Packs Review

Enerplex Jumpr Bar & Jumpr Quad Battery Packs Review

Weighing just under a quarter of a pound, the Jumpr Bar is a lightweight power solution that fits easily in a pocket or backpack. And the design is simple, functional and easy to use: the Jumpr Bar features a flip-out USB input, charging indicator lights, and a USB output. It’s more ruggedly built, lighter and compact than our Jumpr Slate 5k, but delivers only roughly half of the power; we’ve found it useful for shorter off-grid adventures when our power needs weren’t as demanding.

EnerPlex Jumpr Quad: Our Review

The EnerPlex Jumpr Quad is an ultra-versatile power solution for the trail, doubling as both a battery recharger and a power pack. The Jumpr Quad includes four 2,300 mAh AA batteries that, combined, deliver 9200 mAh of power.

Enerplex Jumpr Bar & Jumpr Quad Battery Packs Review

As a power source, the Jumpr Quad delivers enough power to charge many tablets and smartphones multiple times on the trail. And when the battery power runs low, the Jumpr Quad’s USB input receives power from a conventional USB source or EnerPlex’s line of flexible, ultra-trail-friendly solar panels.

The Jumpr Quad’s battery bay accommodates AA or AAA batteries, capable of charging either battery size via solar, and charges each battery individually to ensure an optimal, full charge. Paired with a solar panel, the Quad is a great on-trail solution for keeping everything from headlamp batteries to GPS batteries fully charged and ready for use.

Enerplex Jumpr Bar & Jumpr Quad Battery Packs Review

On the outside, a hinged, button-deployed cover protects the Jumpr Quad’s battery bay. A metal loop allows the Jumpr Quad to be easily strapped to a backpack or tent loop, and an integrated, switched LED light makes the Jumpr Quad usable as a handheld light source.

One feature that’s missing that we’d love to see: an indication of remaining battery capacity, to let us know when we’re running low on power and due for a recharge.

EnerPlex Jumpr Bar & Jumpr Quad Review: Bottom Line

EnerPlex continues to deliver versatile, trail-friendly power solutions with the Jumpr Bar and Jumpr Quad battery packs. Thoughtful design, rugged construction and powerful output make these two devices a great solution for keeping electronic gear powered on backpacking trips or other off-grid adventures. And paired with an EnerPlex solar panel, like the trail-friendly EnerPlex Kickr IV, these devices deliver nearly unlimited power via a recharge from the sun.

EnerPlex Jumpr Bar

EnerPlex Jumpr Quad


While EnerPlex provided us with products to test, all opinions above are our own, and based on our own, trail-tested experience.

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