Ruffwear Ridgeline Leash Review

Ruffwear's Ridgeline Leash is a compact, lightweight travel leash that offers fast collar clip-in and pocketable portability while staying strong and secure. Our trail-tested Ruffwear Ridgeline Leash Review.

It’s no secret: we’re huge fans of Ruffwear’s line of well-designed outdoor gear for dogs. From dog leashes, collars and packs to collapsible pet bowls and dog beds, Ruffwear has us covered on our outdoor adventures with Jake, our 18-month old lab pup who’s always up for an adventure.

Ruffwear Ridgeline Leash Review: a minimalist, lightweight dog leash for hiking, climbing, camping or dog parks

Our Ruffwear Ridgeline Leash Review

We’ve been trail testing one of Ruffwear’s latest leashes, the Ridgeline Leash, an ultra-compact, lightweight leash that’s made from stretch webbing. The Ridgeline’s stretchy length contracts to 2.5 feet and expands to over 4 feet when fully stretched, and the webbing serves as a great shock absorber for squirrel-crazy Jake’s random bursts of pure puppy energy.

Ruffwear Ridgeline Leash Review: a minimalist, lightweight dog leash for hiking, climbing, camping or dog parks

So why is Ruffwear’s Ridgeline Leash so great? While it’s no replacement for our favorite everyday leash, the Ruffwear Slackline Leash, it’s a fantastic, minimum-weight leash for walks, travel, or trips to the dog park. The Ridgeline’s minimalist design easily stuffs into a pocket when it’s not in use. And it’s great as a backup leash, too: we’ve been stashing it in our hiking packs for backup when we accidentally leave Jake’s everyday leash at home. With a small size and light weight, it takes up minimal space in our backpack (or glove box) – perfect for stashing until it’s needed.

The Ruffwear Ridgeline Leash features an oversized lightweight metal clip that allows for super-fast clip-in, to either Jake's collar or our favorite dog pack

Finishing off the Ruffwear Ridgeline is an oversized lightweight metal clip that allows for super-fast clip-in, to either Jake’s collar or our favorite dog pack, the Ruffwear Singletrak (read our review). The Crux Clip makes leash attachment a breeze, even with one hand – great for when a fast clip-in is needed, like at a dog park or at camp. And paired with the large v-ring loop on Jake’s favorite collar, the Ruffwear Top Rope Collar, a one-handed clip-in is fumble-free and can be secured in a second.

Ruffwear Ridgeline Leash Review: Bottom Line

Fast clip-in, stretchy length, shock absorption and great design: the Ruffwear Ridgeline Leash has won us over for its pocketable portability and quality construction. And while it won’t replace our favorite everyday leash, our Ruffwear Slackline, the Ridgeline will be hiking, camping and dog park-ing with us for many puppy-fueled adventures to come.

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While we were provided with a sample Ruffwear Ridgeline Leash to test, all opinions above are our own, and based on our own, trail-tested experience.

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