Sea to Summit TPU Audio Waterproof Phone Case Review

The Sea to Summit TPU Audio Waterproof Case is a headphone-friendly smartphone case that's low-profile and lightweight.

Rain, waves, dust, and sand: our hiking, backpacking, kayaking and cycling adventures take us through some rugged outdoor elements. And while smartphones are useful on the trail for emergency calls, navigation and maps, and quick photos, most mobile phones are also sensitive to water, dust and dirt.

I’ve been testing a lightweight, waterproof case from Sea to Summit on the trail and on the water, and love its streamlined design, light weight and tough construction. And the case includes a headphone connection that lets me listen to music or make phone calls while keeping my phone protected from water and dirt.

Sea to Summit waterproof iPhone and smartphone case review

Sea to Summit TPU Audio Waterproof Case: Our Review

The TPU Audio Waterproof Case fits my iPhone 5s well, even while my phone is in its everyday, hard-shell protective case. The case blends light weight with rugged construction, and features a secure, waterproof closure system to keep my phone protected from splashes, rain, dust or sand when I’m out exploring the outdoors.

Sea to Summit TPU Audio Waterproof Phone Case Review

The Sea to Summit TPU Audio case includes a pass-through headphone connection, allowing the case to remain waterproof when headphones are in use. If I’m on the water during a kayak, SUP or canoe trip and in need of a soundtrack, the case keeps my iPhone dry while passing tunes through to my headphones – or allows me to make a call using smartphone-enabled headphones without removing my phone from the case.

Sea to Summit designed the case with a super thin, low-profile and lightweight design that repels the elements while weighing just over one ounce. This is great, because when I’m not using the case, it doesn’t add any significant bulk or weight to my backpack.

The Sea to Summit TPU phone case is lightweight and streamlined

The Sea to Summit TPU Audio Case features a roll-top closure, similar to those on Sea to Summit’s waterproof dry bags (one of our favorites for keeping large gear dry). A Ziploc closure seals the case, and then the case is further sealed with a roll top that’s secured with double velcro closures. In our trail tests, the case kept my iPhone completely dry in heavy rain, and saved it from an accidental tumble into a small creek. (The TPU Audio Case doesn’t provide shock protection, though – so I do keep my iPhone in its everyday shock-resistant case while it’s inside the Sea to Summit waterproof case.)

On the exterior, four reinforced anchor points are useful for lashing the case to a backpack or my kayak to keep my phone within reach, but still secure. And the TPU Audio Case features clear front and back panels that make my phone’s screen easy to view when it’s in the case, and work well with its touchscreen.

Sea to Summit TPU Audio Case: Bottom Line

In our trail tests, the TPU Audio Waterproof Case kept our phones dry and dirt-free on the trail and on the water. We loved the ability to use headphones while keeping our phone safe in the case. And with a super slim profile and ultra light weight, we’ll be stashing the case in our backpacks for emergency use on future hikes without worry about bulk or extra weight.

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While we were provided with a sample TPU Audio Case to test, all opinions above are our own, and based on our own, trail-tested experience.

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