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Grab your hiking boots and hit the trail! Hike these trails across the Southeast & beyond to our favorite landscapes, waterfalls, canyons and mountain summits. Looking for Georgia’s most popular hikes and backpacking trips? Check out our top ten favorite North Georgia hikes, our favorite trails to waterfalls in Georgia, or our top ten hikes within 40 miles of Atlanta.

Hike the Riverside Trail at Chattahoochee Bend State Park near Peachtree City, GA

Chattahoochee Bend State Park: hiking the Riverside Trail

Hike the kid-friendly Riverside Trail at Chattahoochee Bend State Park, exploring the Chattahoochee River in a wildlife-filled, shady forest south of Atlanta.


Arabia Mountain: hiking the Lake, Boardwalk, & Summit Trails

Hike five miles on Arabia Mountain’s most scenic & popular trails, hiking through a rocky forest to a glassy lake, over the Klondike Boardwalk, and to outstanding summit views near Atlanta.

Skidaway Island State Park: hiking the Big Ferry Trail to stunning coastal views near Savannah, GA

Skidaway Island: hiking the Big Ferry Trail near Savannah

Hike Skidaway Island near Savannah to sweeping intercoastal views from an observation tower, to a prohibition-era liquor still, and through beautiful moss-draped coastal forest on the Big Ferry Trail.

Sweetwater Creek State Park near Atlanta, GA: hiking the Yellow Trail

Sweetwater Creek State Park: hiking the Yellow Trail

Hike the Sweetwater Creek Yellow Trail to the creek’s eastern shore, crossing a large bridge and catching cross-creek views of the park’s Civil War-era mill ruins.

Skidaway Island State Park near Savannah, GA: hike to a stunning sunset over a scenic salt marsh

Skidaway Island State Park: hiking the Sandpiper Trail & Avian Loop

Explore Skidaway Island near Savannah on this two mile, two-trail duo, hiking to scenic views of salt flats, marsh, tidal creeks, and stunning sunsets.

Jacks River Trail: waterfall hike in Georgia's beautiful, lush Cohutta Wilderness

Jacks River Trail

Hike the Jacks River Trail in North Georgia’s lush, remote Cohutta Wilderness, trekking and wading from Dally Gap to a series of beautiful waterfalls on a crystal-clear river.

Hike the High Shoals Falls Trail to two stunning waterfalls near Helen, Georgia

High Shoals Falls Trail and Blue Hole Falls

Hike to High Shoals Falls and Blue Hole Falls, two stunning waterfalls set in a lush, green forest near Helen, Georgia.

Hike the Grassy Mountain Tower Trail from Lake Conasauga in Georgia's Cohutta Wilderness

Grassy Mountain Tower Trail at Lake Conasauga

Hike to gorgeous views of Fort Mountain and the Cohutta Wilderness from the historic Grassy Mountain fire tower, climbing from the shores of Lake Conasauga, a small, glassy mountaintop lake.

Hike the Appalachian Trail to Springer Mountain from the lush Three Forks valley

Appalachian Trail: hiking Three Forks to Springer Mountain

Hike the Appalachian Trail from the lush, creek-filled Three Forks valley to Georgia’s Springer Mountain, the southern end of the AT.

Sope Creek Trail: hiking the mill ruins and pond loop at Sope Creek Chattahoochee River NRA Park

Sope Creek Trail: hiking the mill ruins and pond loop

Hike the Sope Creek Trail to the ruins of a stacked-stone Civil War-era paper mill on the banks of a rocky creek, and then loop to a serene pond in a scenic Chattahoochee River park in Atlanta.

Hike the Pine Log Creek Trail to a rocky, water-filled quarry near Allatoona Lake, north of Atlanta

Pine Log Creek Trail and Quarry

Hike the Pine Log Creek Trail to a historic, rocky, water-filled quarry and through a rolling, mossy forest north of Georgia’s Allatoona Lake.

Hike the Pine Mountain Trail near Cartersville, Georgia to beautiful Allatoona Lake views

Pine Mountain Trail: double loop hike to stunning Allatoona Lake views

Hike the Pine Mountain Trail near Cartersville, Georgia, catching outstanding views of Allatoona Lake from a rocky mountain summit.

Hike the Stone Mountain Trail and Cherokee Trail in Atlanta

Stone Mountain Trail: hiking the Walk-Up & Cherokee Trails

Hike Stone Mountain’s Walk-Up and Cherokee Trails, climbing to exceptional views from the mountain’s summit before looping the mountain’s lake on a scenic 6.8 mile adventure.

Run or hike the Cochran Shoals Trail on the scenic shores of the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta

Cochran Shoals Trail on the Chattahoochee River

Hike, walk, run, or bike the level, scenic trails at Cochran Shoals park, catching stunning views of the Chattahoochee River and exploring scenic woodlands and marshes. It’s one of Atlanta’s all-time most popular trails, and equally great for a Sunday stroll or running a few 5k training loops.

Top Atlanta trails: hike or run the Morningside Nature Preserve Trail

Morningside Nature Preserve Trail

Hike or run the Morningside Nature Preserve to a sandy beach and tall swing bridge on South Peachtree Creek, and visit Atlanta’s popular “dog beach”.

Hike the Vickery Creek Trail to Roswell Mill and a waterfall

Vickery Creek Trail: hiking & trail running at Roswell Mill

Hike the Vickery Creek trail network at Roswell Mill to two historic mills, a covered bridge, and a spillway waterfall in Atlanta’s Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.

Sope Creek Park: hike to Civil War paper mill ruins and a tumbling Chattahoochee River tributary creek in Atlanta, GA

Sope Creek Park: hiking the Paper Mill & Creek Trail

Hike a one-mile trail at Sope Creek Park near Marietta, exploring Civil-War-era paper mill ruins near the shore of a rocky, tumbling Chattahoochee River tributary creek.

Cloudland Canyon Waterfalls Trail

Cloudland Canyon Waterfalls Trail

Hike the popular Waterfalls Trail at Cloudland Canyon State Park. Descend the steep canyon walls via stairs to two waterfalls, Cherokee Falls and Hemlock Falls, that cascade in the beautiful, steep-walled canyon.

Tallulah Gorge Hurricane Falls Trail

Tallulah Gorge State Park: hiking the Hurricane Falls Loop Trail

Hike Tallulah Gorge State Park’s most popular trail. The view-packed Hurricane Falls Trail skirts the gorge rim, descends to the gorge floor and crosses a suspension bridge to the thundering Hurricane Falls waterfall.

DeSoto Falls Trail: hiking near Helen, Georgia

DeSoto Falls Trail

Hike the two mile Desoto Falls Trail near Helen to a pair of waterfalls where, legend holds, a piece of armor was found from DeSoto’s expedition in the mid-1500s.

Emery Creek Falls: hiking to double North Georgia waterfalls on the Emery Creek Trail

Emery Creek Falls: hiking the Emery Creek Trail

Hike the Emery Creek Trail, a splashy Georgia summertime adventure, to the gorgeous and secluded Emery Creek Falls near Blue Ridge.

Hemlock Falls Trail: hiking near Lake Burton in North Georgia

Hemlock Falls Trail: hiking Moccasin Creek at Lake Burton

Hike the two-mile Hemlock Falls Trail at Lake Burton, exploring a waterfall-filled valley and the Hemlock Falls waterfall near Moccasin Creek State Park in Rabun County.

High Falls State Park: Hiking the Falls Trail near Macon, Georgia

High Falls State Park: hiking the Falls Trail

Hike the Falls Trail at High Falls State Park near Macon, hiking a double loop to views of the enormous, thundering High Falls waterfalls.

Hike to Long Creek Falls on the Appalachian Trail near Blue Ridge, GA

Long Creek Falls on the Appalachian Trail

Hike a scenic stretch of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia to the beautiful Long Creek Falls, and explore the lush, waterfall-filled Three Forks valley.

Waterfalls in Georgia: seven kid-friendly waterfall hikes, two miles or less

Seven Georgia waterfall hikes, two miles or less: short hikes with a big payoff!

Catch beautiful views of spilling and splashing waterfalls on these great, relatively easy Georgia beginner hikes, two miles or under. They’re short, but beautiful – and kid-friendly, too!

Anna Ruby Falls: hiking a paved, kid-friendly trail near Helen, GA to double waterfalls

Anna Ruby Falls Trail

Hike the paved Anna Ruby Falls Trail to the beautiful, tumbling, rare double waterfalls near Unicoi State Park and Helen, GA. It’s a fantastic kid-friendly, stroller-friendly and dog-friendly hike!

Winter Hiking in Georgia: Cloudland Canyon

Top Georgia winter hikes: our favorite trails

Our top Georgia winter hikes explore frozen waterfalls, frosty mountaintops and stunning views in one of our state’s top hiking & backpacking seasons.

Springer Mountain Loop: hiking the Appalachian Trail and Benton MacKaye Trail in Georgia

Springer Mountain Loop: hiking the Appalachian Trail & Benton MacKaye Trail

Hike the Appalachian Trail and Benton MacKaye Trail on the Springer Mountain Loop, exploring multiple view-packed overlooks and a beautiful stream-filled valley.

Winter Hiking in Georgia: Cloudland Canyon

Cloudland Canyon in winter: hiking to frozen waterfalls and frosty vistas

Hike Cloudland Canyon’s Waterfalls Trail, East Rim Loop Trail and Overlook Trail in Winter for beautiful wintertime views, icicle-covered canyon walls and frosty, icy waterfalls.

East Palisades Trail: hiking the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta

East Palisades Trail: hiking the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta

Hike the East Palisades Trail on the banks of the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta, climbing to beautiful views from towering bluffs and hiking through a small bamboo forest.

Sweetwater Creek White Trail: hiking Sweetwater Creek State Park near Atlanta

Sweetwater White Trail: hiking Sweetwater Creek State Park

Hike the Sweetwater Creek White Trail and Red Trail, a scenic 4-mile loop to Civil War mill ruins, a tumbling creek and quiet meadows at Georgia’s Sweetwater Creek State Park just east of Atlanta.

Sawnee Mountain Preserve: hiking the Indian Seats Trail near Atlanta

Sawnee Mountain Preserve: hiking the Indian Seats Trail

Hike the 4 mile Indian Seats Trail to summit Sawnee Mountain, an outstanding overlook with beautiful, long-range views of the North Georgia mountains.

Appalachian Trail in Georgia: hiking Blood Mountain to Neels Gap and Cowrock Mountain

Appalachian Trail: Blood Mountain to Cowrock Mountain

Hike or backpack 13 miles on this Georgia stretch of the Appalachian Trail from Blood Mountain through Neels Gap to Wolf Laurel Top and Cowrock Mountain.

Rabun Bald: hiking the Bartram Trail from Georgia's Beegum Gap

Rabun Bald: hiking the Bartram Trail from Beegum Gap

Hike the Bartram Trail to Rabun Bald, the second-tallest mountain summit in Georgia, to catch stunning panoramic views from the mountain’s summit.

Hike the Stone Mountain Walk-Up Trail to stunning Atlanta skyline views

Stone Mountain hiking: the Walk-Up Mountain Trail

Hike Stone Mountain’s 2-mile Walk-Up Trail to stunning mountaintop views of the Atlanta skyline, Stone Mountain Lake and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

Minnehaha Falls Trail on Rabun Lake in North Georgia

Minnehaha Falls Trail

Hike the Minnehaha Falls Trail, a short, easy, kid-friendly hike on Lake Rabun in North Georgia, to a beautiful, towering, cascading waterfall.

Arabia Mountain Top Trail: top hikes near Atlanta, GA

Arabia Mountain Top Trail

Hike the Arabia Mountain Top Trail through massive exposed granite fields and past shallow basins of rare plants, climbing to stunning summit views.

Blood Mountain loop: hiking the Appalachian Trail and Freeman Trail in Georgia

Blood Mountain loop: hiking the Appalachian Trail & Freeman Trail

Hike a six mile loop to Georgia’s highest Appalachian Trail summit, climbing the AT and Byron Reece Trails to beautiful views at the Blood Mountain summit before looping back through a fern-filled forest on the Freeman Trail.

Jacks River Falls: Hiking the Beech Bottom Trail in the Cohutta Wilderness

Jacks River Falls on the Beech Bottom Trail

Explore Jacks River Falls, a stunning, roaring, rocky waterfall in Georgia’s Cohutta Wilderness, hiking the Beech Bottom Trail & Jacks River Trail.

Yonah Mountain: top hikes near Helen, GA

Yonah Mountain Trail

Hike the Yonah Mountain Trail through a rocky, wildflower-filled forest, climbing this iconic mountain to exceptional summit views and great backpacking campsites near Helen, Georgia.


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