North Georgia Hiking Trails Our Top 10 Favorite Hikes

North Georgia hiking trails – our top 10 favorite hikes

Follow our top ten favorite North Georgia hiking trails to soaring mountain summits, waterfalls and mossy creek valleys in Georgia's rolling southern Appalachian mountains.

Moss-covered boulders line the cool, rolling waters of a trout stream cutting swiftly through a dense backwoods forest. Sunshine streams through the mixed pine and deciduous tree canopy, illuminating a carpet of brilliant green fern below. Birds of prey soar in rising uplifts, hugging the rugged peaks of a craggy mountain summit slicing through the horizon. These are the rolling foothills and mountains of the southern Appalachians in North Georgia – and winding through them are a network of fantastic hiking and backpacking trails and outdoor adventures.

These are our top ten North Georgia hiking trails, many within a two-hour drive of Atlanta, if not less. Grab your hiking boots, backpack and hiking gear and head to any of these trails for a weekend adventure and some fresh air in the great outdoors.

North Georgia's best hiking trails: our top ten favorite hikes

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North Georgia hikes: our top 10 favorite trails

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