• Atlanta Trails ambassador Ashley Walsh

    Ashley Walsh


    Hello! My name is Ash. I’m a mom of two with a fiery passion for trails and movement outdoors. I love to run really far, write about my experiences, and snap a lot of pictures, collecting a life full of memories along the way.

    I believe that adventuring outdoors is the answer to many of life’s problems, both big and small! I enjoy bringing friends old and new with me, so if you’re ever hungry for some fun while surrounded by nature, drop me a line! I’d love to connect with you!


  • Atlanta Trails ambassador Aun O'Brian

    Aun O’Brian


    Hi, my name is Aun. I love photography and the outdoors, especially hiking and camping. I’ve always wanted to go hiking, but I was afraid to go on my own – but one day, I mentioned hiking to my friend and found out she was interested in hiking. So, we started hiking together and we’ve been hiking now for 3 years. We have so many more adventures ahead of us. My love for photography goes hand in hand with hiking. Our journey has inspired many other people, including friends and family. Our mottos for the trails are ‘Leave No Trace’ and ‘Love and Respect Mother Nature’.


  • Atlanta Trails ambassador Connor Paton

    Connor Paton


    Hey! My name’s Connor. I’m 25 and a Georgia native. I’ve always been interested in hiking and the outdoors, but have just recently picked up a love for landscape photography over the last couple of years.

    I enjoy hiking all across the country, but there’s something special about hiking in the Southeast. My favorite spot in Georgia is the hike to Bearden Falls just south of Springer Mountain.


  • Atlanta Trails ambassador Indy the Goldendoodle

    Indy the Goldendoodle


    Indy is an adventure loving, trail blazing, 4 year old goldendoodle. His favorite hikes to date are all along the Blue Ridge Parkway. In his spare time, he is a top dog model and representative for several companies. Indy loves all people and is a certified therapy dog through Therapy Pets Unlimited. He was recently named 9 Most Important ATLien dogs of Instagram by Creative Loafing and 25 Best Doodles and Poodles on the Internet by Barkpost.


  • Atlanta Trails ambassador Jonathan Hoek

    Jonathan Hoek


    I am a photographer living in North Georgia. I was born and raised in the mountains and enjoy the outdoors. This style is very evident in my “adventure based” photography. I love getting outside and hiking, biking, and exploring new places, and I will never say no to a good adventure. My love for the outdoors comes from growing up camping and driving through the woods with my family going to different waterfalls and hiking trails throughout North Georgia.


  • Atlanta Trails ambassador Jordan Mahan

    Jordan Mahan


    Every chance I can, I love to camp and hike the trails of Georgia with my dog Dany. Usually accompanied by a few friends I do it for the beauty, nature, and peace that seems only available when I can escape to the adventure of the trails. I live just north of Atlanta and in addition to loving nature photography I spend most of my time with the marketing tech firm I co-founded.

  • Atlanta Trails ambassador Justin Hardigree

    Justin Hardigree


    I strive to tell stories through photographs. The end result is only part of the fun. The people, places, and experiences I get to see is what makes photography a lifelong passion. I am 23 and based out of Athens, GA. Being outdoors is my favorite thing to do. I like to call my office any place in the world that I currently am. My connection with photographs began from the beginning as far back as I can remember, really getting into it in 2008. I like to think of it not as taking pictures, but rather creating photographs.


  • Atlanta Trails ambassador Lauren Gates

    Lauren Gates


    Hey, I’m Lauren! Spending time outdoors has been my favorite escape ever since I was a kid. I have hiked all over the U.S., and in parts of Nepal, Thailand and Kenya. I love the quiet forests and colorful seasons of the southeast – a few of my favorite spots are Raven Cliff Falls, Arabia Mountain and the East Palisades trail system. Max Patch also holds a very special place in my heart. Off the trail, I work at Zoo Atlanta as an Event Coordinator. I’m happy spending every free moment out hiking, camping or kayaking with my pup, Momo.

  • Atlanta Trails ambassador Luis Fabian Prato

    Luis Fabian Prato


    My love for the Trails truly began 3 years ago after a cycling injury. While desperate to find any kind of activity during my recovery period, I began to research and visit many different trails along north Georgia. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the longer I hiked the better I felt both mentally and spiritually. It was this amazing discovery, combined with my love of photography that enabled me to share my experiences with others through the lens of a GoPro. And now, years after recovery, I keep coming back to the trails on a regular basis while encouraging and empowering others to do the same.

  • Atlanta Trails ambassador Mike Dunn

    Mike Dunn


    I’m a freelance photographer from Mableton, Ga, and I have been shooting and hiking around the state of Georgia since 2010. I’ve been featured in the RAW Artists showcase, CBS-46 weathercast, and the @WELOVEATL mobile gallery. When not out hiking and capturing the world, I enjoy lifting weights and playing basketball.


  • Atlanta Trails ambassador Nick Walsh

    Nick Walsh


    Nicholas Walsh is a adventure photojournalist from the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. The son of an avid outdoorsman father and a mother with a love for education, he sought to wander his home from an early age. With passions for snowboarding, cross-country skiing, surfing, and whitewater paddling developing before his seventh birthday, it became clear that both a personal and professional life spent outdoors and abroad would be in his future. The mantra Nick developed over the years is geared with the intent to help others evolve semblance of oneness with the natural world and a healthy respect for the maintenance of its existence. If this is conveyed to any one individual through his imagery, or writing, then in his own words, “I’ve done my job.” Nick is a freelance photojournalist, based in Atlanta, Georgia with professional affiliations to several media and photographic production companies.

  • Atlanta Trails ambassador Prashant Naik

    Prashant Naik


    “They say life is best seen with eyes half-closed. For me, however, life is best seen with eyes half-closed on to a camera’s viewfinder. Through the lens, I see myriad images, shapes and colors. The unusual. The off-the-cuff. The waylaid and the meandering.” I’m Prashant. I work as a Sr. Systems Analyst for the world’s largest commercial airliner. I’ve been traipsing and trekking the Southern Trails for almost two years now. And what keeps me coming back for more is the sheer beauty of the North Georgia Mountains. Mother Nature has always held me in her sway, and I always look to her to inspire me on my new creative mission. Be it astronomical twilight, or the Milky Way, I’m always looking forward to my next click.


  • Atlanta Trails ambassador Spencer Hutto

    Spencer Hutto


    Hiking is a relatively new pastime of mine, and over just the last year, I’ve developed a tremendous passion for exploring the outdoors on foot and capturing some of the awesome views witnessed with my camera. I especially love the state of Georgia, and all of the hiking opportunities its very diverse geography provides (mountains, canyons, beach, swamps). I’m devoted to helping others see the natural beauty of this state (as well as a few other places) and to thereby hopefully encourage them to get out and see more of it too! When I’m not hiking in Georgia, I might be in western North Carolina or out trying to see our national parks.