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Join the Georgia women’s hiking group Girls Who Hike, exploring and adventuring on group hikes to some of Georgia’s most beautiful trails.

Are you a lady that enjoys outdoor and adventure? Have you ever longed to be part of a strong community of women who seeks to explore more of what nature has to offer? Established in 2015, Girls Who Hike is a national organization comprised of local chapters within the United States. This organization strives to connect and inspire local women to explore more trails together as well as utilize the local chapters web pages for traveling and exploring the United States.

Girls Who Hike Georgia hiking group at Panther Creek FallsPanther Creek Falls

Currently, our group consists of 59,000+ members nationwide with 55+ chapters and is still growing! All counting down the days until our next outdoor adventure or looking for more friends to do it with. This community of fiercely strong women is based on positive and constructive interaction between members and organizations that believe that women have a place and belong among the wilderness.

Girls Who Hike Georgia hiking group at Tallulah Gorge State ParkTallulah Gorge State Park

I became a member of Girls Who Hike in May 2017. I was the girl who always found myself being completely restless and anxiously awaiting my next adventure. Living in the Southeast, I found it difficult to find women who were as inspired or passionate about exploring the outdoors.

I always found that amongst nature and in the wilderness, I was able to find peace. Discovering the Girls Who Hike group fulfilled my hope that there was a community of strong like-minded ladies who love adventure as much as I do.

My hiking meetup with the group was in May, at Tallulah Gorge State Park. I remember how nervous I felt as I made my way to the trail to hike with a complete stranger at the time. Would we have much to talk about? Would this be an awkward hike and experience? I arrived at the visitors center and met Heather, from the Los Angeles group, who happened to be in Georgia for a few months to work.

Girls Who Hike Georgia hiking group at Lula Lake Land TrustLula Lake Land Trust

We spent the day exploring and wandering through the gorge. Hours flew by – and our conversation had not skipped a beat since the moment we met! We had the best time sharing about our outdoor experiences and learning more about one another. She was also a complete inspiration to my hiking as I learned more about her involvement with the original Los Angeles Girls Who Hike Group, and how she was able to meet up with girls regularly (even daily!) to hit the trails.

Girls Who Hike Georgia hiking group at Cloudland Canyon State ParkCloudland Canyon State Park

As I continued joining the Georgia hiking meetups and exploring more trails, I was as uplifted by the outdoor experiences as our memories along the paths we explored.

From these empowering and shared experiences, I knew that Girls Who Hike was the group for me, and I joined the group’s ambassador team in July. August was my first official meet up as the group’s Georgia ambassador. Let’s just say that leading my first hike at Raven Cliff Falls did not disappoint. Each of the girls on the hike brought different backgrounds, experiences, and qualities to the group, and we enjoyed our conversation as we hiked along the trail. Along the trail, we explored the creek’s cascading waterfalls – and I realized that these were unforgettable and unique experiences I would cherish forever.

As the Georgia ambassador, I’ve been able to empower outdoor enthusiasts, organize and lead monthly hikes, and connect with other local organizations that believe in the potential of women and finding their power and place in nature.

Through the growing community of 1,300+ members joining our group hikes, I’ve made some truly remarkable memories and met some incredibly inspiring and motivating women. My hope is that as I continue to share these experiences, I’m able to inspire friends and other women to get out and explore the emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits that nature can provide.

Interested in joining a ‘Girls Who Hike’ adventure on a Georgia group hike?

Check out the group’s official website for info on how to join, and a list of other chapters nationwide.

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Hey, I'm Shelby! The mountains may have really done a number on me. Being outdoors is one of my greatest passions and I have been hiking for years. While I am no expert, I have found so much inspiration and motivation in these adventures. Visiting so many extraordinary places, I have come to realize I not only have more to learn about hiking – but also about myself. My hope is that as I continue to share my experiences with friends, family, and others that I am able to inspire people to explore the positive emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits that hiking and nature can provide.