ECCO Mens BIOM Terrain Mid GTX hiking boot review

The BIOM Terrain Mid GTX from ECCO is a light weight, waterproof hiking boot that delivers right-out-of-the box comfort, stability and reliable traction on tough trail terrain. Our trail-tested ECCO BIOM Terrain review.

I’ve been wearing (and loving!) the uber-comfortable ECCO Yura GTX hiking shoe since this past summer. So I was thrilled to get my feet into a pair of the new mid-height ECCO BIOM Terrain Mid GTX, and get them out on the trail for testing. We’ve hiked through some wildly scattered weather this fall, from morning lows in the 30s, afternoon highs in the 80s, and weather from dry to downpours. Thanks to the Terrain’s Gore-Tex lining, my feet have been comfortable and dry, despite the weather, and its sturdy mid-rise upper and rugged sole have kept me firmly planted to the trail in a variety of conditions. And thanks to the boot’s innovative BOA closure system, instead of traditional shoe laces, swapping shorts and pants layers on the trail has never been quicker.

ECCO Mens BIOM Terrain Mid GTX hiking boot review

ECCO mens BIOM Terrain Mid GTX hiking boot: our review

Right out of the box, this boot was ready for the trail. The boot is comfortable, provides great ankle support and the rugged sole is flexible and sturdy. The boot’s upper is made from full grain yak leather and features a lined collar. Even though descried as a mid height boot, I’ve loved that it’s on the tall side and gives my ankle awesome support and protection from obstacles. The inner sole is firm but flexible and delivers a comfortable feel with each step, even over rocky terrain. I’ve used this boot on some high milage days on the trail and haven’t suffered from any of the hot spots that some boots create before they’ve had a chance to loosen up. Paired with a quality pair of hiking socks the BIOM Terrain is my top choice boot for long distance hikes or trails that cover difficult terrain.

The ECCO BIOM Terrain GTX features the Boa closure system to quickly lace and unlace the boot on the trail

Boa closure system

The ECCO BIOM Terrain GTX features the Boa Closure System, instead of traditional laces, to secure the boot. The system uses wires which are adjusted by turning a knob on the tongue of the boot to tighten and loosen the fit. This is my first experience with this type of lacing system and so far I’ve liked the way it works. Unlike traditional laces that can be manually tightened at specific spots on your foot or ankle the Boa Closure System uniformly tightens or loosens over the whole boot.

The ECCO Mens BIOM Terrain Mid GTX hiking boot features a breathable, dependable, waterproof Gore-Tex lining, great for slushy, muddy or wet trail conditions

I’ve grown to love this super speedy lacing system, and the uniform fit that it provides. And, according to ECCO, while there’s a minimal chance that the Boa closure might break or malfunction, Boa offers a lifetime guarantee on the system.

I’ve been particularly impressed with the boot’s breathability and temperature control. The BIOM Terrain features Gore-Tex technology that allows moisture to escape out of the boot while keeping outside moisture from coming back; it’s especially great when I’m crossing streams or trekking along soggy trails. The boot is exceptionally breathable, too: my feet have stayed dry and haven’t become too hot or too cold while hiking in a range of temperatures throughout the day. The BIOM Terrain excels at regulating the temperature extremes nicely and kept my feet at a comfortable temperature.

ECCO Mens BIOM Terrain Mid GTX hiking boot review

The outer sole of the ECCO BIOM performs admirably as well. The rugged rubber sole is equipped with wide lugs and a durable, grippy surface. I’ve had no problem scrambling over slick rocks, boulders, roots or loosely packed terrain and have felt sure footed and in control at all times. The thick outer sole absorbs shock well, and jagged, sharp edged rocks are no match for its firmly padded inner sole.

The ECCO Mens BIOM Terrain Mid GTX hiking boot features a rugged rubber sole with wide lugs and a durable, grippy surface

The profile of the boot feels streamlined without excess bulk or chunkiness. It’s easy to maneuver around obstacles without getting hung up on any extra baggage. Even though the ECCO BIOM Terrain is a heavy duty hiker, it’s light weight and doesn’t feel heavy on the foot.

ECCO mens BIOM Terrain Mid GTX hiking boot: bottom line

The ECCO mens BIOM Terrain Mid GTX is a versatile hiking boot perfectly suited for high milage days, rough terrain or wet creek crossings or muddy trail conditions. I’ve found it to be a quality performer in a wide range of temperatures and its kept my feet comfortable and dry in a variety of environments thanks to its Gore-Tex lining. The amazing combination of comfort, stability and durability has earned the BIOM a top spot in my boot closet – and I’m sure it will see many more epic adventures in the not so distant future.


While ECCO provided us with a sample BIOM Terrain GTX pair to test, all opinions above are our own, and based on our own, trail-tested experience.

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