Battery Pack: Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Review

Our Guide 10 Plus review: Goal Zero's AAA-powered battery pack recharges an iPad, iPhone, tablet, or mobile phone while backpacking or camping.

Battery power on the trail is important to me: I pack electronic gear to record my backpacking, hiking, and camping adventures for Atlanta Trails. I almost always hike with my DSLR camera, external flash, Garmin Oregon 600 GPS, and my iPhone 5S mobile phone, along with headlamps, flashlights and other small electronics.

I’ve been looking for an external battery pack that can charge my mobile phone and iPad mini on the trail, and after testing a number of batteries, found the Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack.

Charge Mobile Phones or Electronics while Camping or Backpacking with Goal Zero

Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Review

The Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus works, and works simply. Plug it in to the wall, a computer, or a car charger via the USB input, and it charges the internal batteries. Flip a switch and plug a USB device into the output, and the Guide 10 Plus charges the device. Slide the switch to a third position, and a built-in LED flashlight illuminates. Goal Zero designed a simple, functional, dependable winner.

The Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus power pack uses 4 AA rechargeable, removable batteries. I really love this feature: if I deplete the Guide 10 Plus with a few charges of my iPad Mini or mobile phone, I can swap the dead batteries for charged ones and keep charging. I’ve carefully assembled outdoor electronics that all use the same battery – rechargeable AA – so I can swap batteries between gadgets if necessary. So I’ve always got extra charged AAs in my pack, ready as replacements in my devices or the Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus.

Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Review

Goal Zero integrated a twisted metal cable for hanging at the top of the Guide 10 Plus. There’s also an easy-to-follow guide on the back of the device (a great feature: no instruction book to lose). And the Guide 10 Plus cranks out 1 amp of power to quickly charge electronics: it charges my fully-depleted iPhone 5S to 60% in under an hour.

The Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack Recharges USB Devices on the Trail

Guide 10 Plus: Additional Features

The Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus also includes a solar input. While I don’t currently use Goal Zero’s solar panels, I love that I won’t need to upgrade my battery pack if I start recharging via solar in the future. For now, I’m covered by swapping out the Guide 10 Plus batteries when I’m out on several-day backpacking and camping trips.

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