Native Eyewear Haskill Sunglasses Review

Aviator style meets athletic performance in the Native Eyewear Haskill, a lightweight, grippy pair of polarized sunglasses that deliver style & comfort from town to trail.

For every-day, around-town wear, I much prefer the aviator sunglass style over sportier, performance-focused plastic frames. While I wear a few performance-style pairs when I’m adventure-bound, I don’t love the athletic sunglass look when I’m chilling around town. This has led me to amass a collection of sunglasses, some for town, some for trail – and none that work that well for both. And then I found Native Eyewear’s Haskill.

I’ve never met a pair of sunglasses that spans both style and performance as well as the Haskill. These high-performance, polarized sunglasses blend stylish aviator aesthetic with a comfortable, grippy frame and advanced design tech to deliver an aviator that’s as trail-ready as it is chill-ready.

Native Eyewear Haskill Sunglasses Review

Native Eyewear Haskill Sunglasses: Our Review

Performance sets these sunglasses apart from any other aviator we’ve tried. Native Eyewear used their top-notch N3 polarized lens technology in the Haskill, which, according to Native, blocks up to 4x more UV light than regular polarized lenses. Impressive. And the Haskill is available in 18 colorway combinations of frame color and lens color, in both regular N3 lenses (brown, gray, and silver) and Reflex lenses, which add additional glare reduction and contrast over the regular N3 lenses.

I’ve been wearing the Gunmetal/White frames with the Silver Reflex lenses pretty much everywhere for the past few months, and I’m ultra-impressed with the lens performance. The Haskill’s filtering of UV and blue light is evident: they deliver a crisp, high-contrast view with extraordinary clarity and without a color cast. And, anywhere I’ve tested them, the N3 Reflex tech has significantly reduced glare on water, pavement and ice. From beach to lake to trail to pavement, the Haskill has delivered an exceptionally clean, defined view.

Native Eyewear Haskill sunglasses: aviator sunglasses with active performance tech

Native Eyewear wrapped the Haskill’s lenses with an air-injected frame that’s lightweight and stays comfortable after hours of adventure. Adjustable nose pads enhance the fit, keeping the frames balanced and secure. And the Haskill’s temple grips deliver exceptional grip to prevent sliding, whether I’m running, boulder scrambling or just chilling on a sun-drenched peak.

Native Eyewear backs the Haskill with a lifetime warranty (read more about that here), which looks to cover pretty much anything that could happen to the sunglasses, shy of getting lost or stolen. The Haskill’s lenses and frames have proven their durability so far, but I love being backed by a lifetime warranty in case something does happen. (I just gotta make sure I don’t lose them… which I’m remarkably prone to with sunglasses.)

Native Eyewear Haskill Sunglasses Review: Bottom Line

I just love this style. Native Eyewear’s Haskill sunglasses wear like performance glasses while styling like a classic aviator, a blend that’s equally awesome when I’m hiking, running, cycling, beaching – or just chilling around town. Native N3 polarized lens technology delivers an exceptional view, and air-injected, grippy frames deliver a comfortable, secure fit. And backed with a lifetime warranty, they’re worth the investment… as long as I don’t lose them.



While Native Eyewear provided us with sample Haskill sunglasses to test, all opinions above are our own, and based on our own, trail-tested experience.

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