Stio Women’s Sweetwater Fleece Hoodie review: trail-to-town performance & style

Stylish and versatile for everyday wear, and also adventure-ready: the Women's Sweetwater Fleece Hoodie from Stio. Our trail-tested review.

Being an outdoor-loving female means a couple of things. One, it means you get to see and experience the world in a multitude of incredible ways! Two, it likely means you have a closet (and maybe even a garage) full of outdoor gear and apparel to help outfit and aid your adventures.

When women’s outdoor apparel delivers both stylish everyday wear and on-trail adventures, you grab it and hold onto it for dear life! That’s exactly what I did with the Stio Sweetwater Fleece Hoodie. I received the Stio Sweetwater Fleece last month, and have put it through the paces with a few mountain adventures and some around-town days in temperatures ranging from 20-50 degrees.

Stio Women's Sweetwater Fleece Hoodie: trail to town style and performance. Our trail-tested Sweetwater Fleece review

Upon opening the package, I quickly fell in love with the Sweetwater Hoodie’s fabric and material. Stio calls the fabric “sweater fleece”. I would call it a warm hug. The outside of the hoodie resembles a nice wool. It is soft and thick, and ready to tackle the elements, but the inside is where the magic really happens. The interior of the hoodie is full fleece, even in the pockets and hood. It feels a lot like my favorite blanket.

Trail to town performance and style: the Sweetwater Fleece Hoodie from Stio. Our trail-tested review

The fit is incredibly flattering. With the drop tail design in the back, and feminine princess seam lines, I find it to be a much more attractive option paired with leggings or jeans than the typical sweatshirt.

Stio style + Stio performance: trail to town in the Sweetwater Fleece Hoodie

The hood is roomy enough to accommodate long hair or a ponytail. I especially love the zipper detail at the top. Not only does it add a little stylish flair, but it’s quite functional when it’s finally time to take your sweaty gear off. I also appreciate the large kangaroo pouch at the waist, and the thumbholes at the wrist, which both come in handy if your hands stay cold like mine do.

Our favorite women's adventure apparel: the Stio Sweetwater Fleece Hoodie delivers the perfect mix of trail-to-town performance, style and warm comfort

One detail worth noting about the Sweetwater’s fit is the snugness you might notice in the arms. If your adventures have you climbing, rowing, or you just happen to have bigger arms, you may want to size up to allow some wiggle room here. I typically wear this as a single piece, or with a tank underneath, as the fit in the arms feel just a bit too snug to allow another layer underneath comfortably. The rest of the hoodie has a typical athletic fit, and sits close to the body, but is generous enough for a thin underlayer. Or if temperatures plummet, the hoodie would pair nicely underneath an outer shell.

Great performance and style, trail to town: our Women's Stio Sweetwater Hoodie review

I’ve found the most comfortable temperature range for this piece to be around the 20-30 degree (F) for working out or other active hobbies. I haven’t had the chance to test the fleece any colder than this, but in that range, I definitely felt warm and protected from the elements. Wearing the hoodie out and about for errands or dinner, I felt comfortable with the temps in the 40’s. Anything warmer however, I found myself sweating a little. The fleece really does its job well!

Stio Sweetwater Fleece Hoodie review: bottom line

I find myself grabbing the Stio Sweetwater Hoodie for multiple occasions. It’s a terrific functional single piece option for adventures that will be cold and windy…think hiking in North Georgia in fall or winter. It’s also perfect as a mid layer when the weather gets extreme. When the adventure is over, it easily doubles as a fashionable option for daily activities and casual dates, especially so on cool days. This comfy fleece has quickly cemented itself as a staple in my wardrobe, and with its timeless look and design, I plan to put it to work for years to come!


While Stio provided us with a sample Sweetwater Hoodie to test, all opinions above are our own, and based on our own, trail-tested experience.

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