We test a ton of great dog gear on our adventures throughout the South: outdoor-worthy leashes, collars, toys, camping beds, backpacks, dog cooling vests, and harnesses. And we’ve wrapped our favorites into our Outdoorsy Dog Gift Guide to make gift giving easy for the trail-loving dogs on your list!

Looking for a great hike with your four-footed hiking buddy? Check out our favorite dog-friendly trails near Atlanta and Georgia’s best hikes for dogs for some of our favorite canine-worthy hikes in the South.

  • Top Dog

    Ruffwear Slackline Leash

    This durable, adjustable-length leash features a swivel clip to help prevent tangles, and a adjustable-length handle that can be clipped to our waist for hands-free holding. The Slackline’s handle is well-padded: it makes handling a high-energy, squirrel-crazy puppy like Jake much more manageable. Great color variety, too!

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  • Lotsa’ Treats

    Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats

    There’s just something about these mini treats that make Jake go crazy. Maybe it’s the smell, maybe it’s the taste… whatever it is, we’ll take his word for it! They’re wheat, corn and soy free – and at only 3.5 calories per treat, we can give him a few without worry.

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  • Ruff and Tumble

    Ruffwear Top Rope Collar

    This is, hands down, the best collar we’ve used. It’s super durable and well made, with an easy-clasp metal leash attachment. And we love the Top Rope’s thoughtful design details, like the rubber tag silencer and reflective trim. It’s survived hundreds of miles on the trail, hundreds of swims in rivers and lakes, dozens of dunks in mud puddles, and it’s still looking prime and pristine. It’s one exceptional collar.

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  • Pup Fuel

    TurboPUP Trail Bars

    Jake’s review: YUM. Our review: keeping your dog fueled on-trail is a cinch with these grain-free dog energy bars that are made in Oregon and sourced from human-quality ingredients. Forget the messy bags of kibble: these packaged bars are mess-free (and apparently delicious, too!).

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    Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket

    Jake loves a wintertime adventure – but gusty winds and snowy trails can leave him shivering. He absolutely loves his Loft Jacket from Kurgo! It keeps him toasty warm and on the move. The jacket is made of high quality waterproof Microtomic ripstop nylon, with a Polytech fill, and is machine washable for easy clean-up. Adventure pup approved!

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  • Dog Cooling Jacket

    Ruffwear Swamp Cooler

    Jake, our Labrador Retriever pup, loves nothing more the trail! But he struggles with the heat and humidity of our Georgia summers. We used the Ruffwear Swamp Cooler this summer, and were blown away by the results. The Swamp Cooler is a jacket that acts like a giant sponge; when wet, it keeps him cool, thanks to water evaporation. The light color of the vest also reflects the sun’s heat, which is especially great for a dog with black fur.

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    Kurgo Tossing Disc

    Jake is four, but still has endless puppy energy – and LOVES a good game of frisbee. The Tossing Discs from Kurgo are made of tough material that holds up well to Jake’s abuse, and the bright colors make them easy to find in the yard.

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    Kurgo Springback Lite Dog Leash

    Jake loves a morning run as much as we do! The Kurgo Springback Lite running leash is a great way for us both to enjoy our morning routine. The leash is ultra light, and has just the right amount of stretch to avoid jerking (SQUIRREL!!!) during our run.

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  • Thirst Quencher

    Ruffwear Bivy Pet Bowl

    After testing a number of portable dog water bowls, we’ve found our favorite. Ruffwear’s Bivy Bowl is extremely lightweight, durable, and packs small to quench Jake’s thirst wherever our adventures take us. And the coated-canvas construction dries quickly, perfect for a re-stash in our packs after a quick drink.

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  • Trusty trailmate

    Flowfold Trailmate Dog Leash

    We’re huge fans of reclaimed and recycled materials – and when we found out the Trailmate Dog Leash was made from reclaimed scraps of safety rope, we were full-on sold. This sturdy 5’ leash keeps Jake, our adventure pup, securely under control while we’re out chasing adventures.



    Kurgo Gourd Water Bottle and Bowl

    The all-in-one Kurgo Gourd Water Bottle and Bowl make staying hydrated on the trail easy. The bowl detaches from the bottom of bottle quickly and easily for a mid-hike water break – and the hard-shell design helps prevent spills.

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  • Running with the Pack

    Ruffwear Singletrak Pack

    Forget the bulky packs that make tight trails a difficult pass: Ruffwear’s Singletrak dog hydration pack is low-profile, allowing Jake to squeeze through tight spaces without trouble. And tough, durable canvas construction has held up flawlessly to Jake’s rambunctious romps on trail.

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    Kurgo Skipping Stones

    A fun take on fetch in the water! Jake is quite the water dog – and will swim for hours. These durable, rubber, stone-shaped toys are a fun alternative to a tennis ball – and provide hours of skipping fun at the lake.

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