Hiking Sweetwater Creek State Park near Atlanta: our favorite trails

Hiking Sweetwater Creek State Park near Atlanta: our favorite trails

Hike Sweetwater Creek State Park's fantastic nine mile network of hiking trails near Atlanta along a rushing, whitewater-filled creek, to Civil War mill ruins and through beautiful, rolling forest.

Grab some fresh air and cardio in a beautiful forest filled with whitewater, waterfalls and ruins near Atlanta: Sweetwater Creek State Park provides all the beauty of a North Georgia outdoor adventure, but without the drive. The wide-flowing Sweetwater Creek tumbles in churning whitewater, slicing through a rolling forest just outside of Atlanta. The creek’s boulder-filled bed and rocky, sandy shores make for some of the best hiking and trail running near Atlanta: it’s one of our all-time favorite hiking destinations, with over nine miles of well-groomed trails that meander through acres of scenic beauty.

Sweetwater Creek State Park, located just outside Atlanta’s western perimeter, spans over 2500 acres of creekside landscape. It’s a great near-city destination for a family hike, some quiet time in nature or a pulse-raising trail run, with mile after mile of tumbling whitewater, wildlife-filled forest, wildflowers, and history. The park’s landscape varies widely and changes regularly on its meandering trails, hiking both cliff-filled and sandy creek shores, expansive meadows and densely shaded forest.

Hike or run the top trails at Sweetwater Creek State Park to waterfalls, whitewater and mill ruins near Atlanta

Thanks to its close proximity to the city, this Georgia State Park has achieved popularity worthy of its beauty, so expect heavy traffic on the park’s popular trails, especially on sunny weekends and holidays.

Sweetwater Creek State Park Trails


Hike our favorite Sweetwater Creek State Park trails for a near-Atlanta adventure. Check them out one by one, or combine several trails to hike some extended mileage and explore more of the park’s incredible terrain:

Hiking Sweetwater Creek's Red Trail to Civil War mill ruins near Atlanta

Sweetwater Red Trail
2 miles

Hike Sweetwater Creek’s banks to the towering brick ruins of the New Manchester Mill and the sandy shores and expansive rock outcrops on the creek’s whitewater and waterfall-filled shoals.

Sweetwater Creek hiking trails: Sweetwater Red & Blue trail loop

Sweetwater Red & White Trail Loop
3.1 miles

Combine two Sweetwater Creek trails to hike to the mill ruins and Sweetwater’s whitewater-filled creek. The hike then climbs a ridge on the white trail, hiking through beautiful, wildlife-filled forest.

Hiking the Sweetwater Creek Yellow Trail near Atlanta

Sweetwater Yellow Trail
3.4 miles

Hike this yellow-blazed Sweetwater Creek trail in the park’s lesser-traveled northern forest. Cross the creek via a large bridge, hike a loop on Sweetwater’s eastern shore, and catch views of the Sweetwater mill ruins from across the creek.

Hiking the Sweetwater Creek White Trail through forest and waterfalls

Sweetwater White Trail
4.1 miles

Hike diverse terrain on this two-trail combo. Hike the Sweetwater Red Trail on the creek’s sandy, boulder-filled banks before looping to follow the white trail to a small lake, through young deciduous forest and cleared meadows.

Hike the new Sweetwater Creek Orange Trail to views of the Atlanta skyline

Sweetwater Creek Orange Trail
4.75 miles

Hike a two-trail duo on Sweetwater’s Yellow Trail and its newest, the Orange Trail. The trails cross to Sweetwater Creek’s eastern shore, catching cross-creek views of the Civil War mill ruins, upstream views of the creek’s whitewater shoals, a view of a large, prehistoric cave used as shelter by Native Americans, and elevated views of the Atlanta skyline.

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More Sweetwater Creek adventures

Explore the park’s wildlife-filled, grassy lake shore by kayak or canoe. Paddle the glassy waters of Sweetwater Creek’s reservoir lake by stand-up paddleboard. Camp in the park’s brand new campground with modern facilities, or overnight in style in Sweetwater Creek’s new yurt village. Find more ideas for adventure in our Sweetwater Creek State Park destination guide.

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