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From the lofty peaks of Brasstown Bald and Rabun Bald to the rolling landscape of Arabia and the rocky ridgeline of Pine Mountain, Georgia’s mountains offer prime opportunities to catch some stunning summit views.

North Georgia’s Southern Appalachians are home to the state’s tallest peaks, with more than 20 summits towering to elevations above 4000 feet. And while they weren’t quite tall enough to make this list, several rocky peaks in the Atlanta area make for a fantastic summit hike, too. The monadnock mountains of Arabia, Panola, and Stone Mountain rise above the rolling landscape east of downtown Atlanta and offer gorgeous views from their rocky, expansive domes. And only an hour south of Atlanta, Pine Mountain towers above the plains near Columbus, providing sweeping views of field, lakes, and forest.

It’s no matter if a mountain crests at 1000 feet or 5000 feet: there’s something intensely gratifying about summiting a final stretch of rugged trail and then catching a stunning summit view. Maybe it’s the satisfaction of finishing a great workout (and knowing that it’s all downhill from there). Or maybe it’s the change of perspective, the chance to gaze on the world below in awe. Whatever it is, it’s addicting.

Ready to chase a mountain adventure? Get mountain ready (without actually spending time in the mountains!) with our hiking and trail running mountain training guide. If you’re up for a road trip, explore some of the South’s most stunning mountaintop views on our favorite Blue Ridge Parkway hikes near Asheville, NC, climbing to the grassy summits of 6,000+ foot mountain balds with 360-degree summit views. And, once you’ve conquered our Georgia mountain bucket list, take the plunge and explore Georgia canyons on our favorite hikes through some of our state’s most spectacular places below.

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Mountains in Georgia: our favorite hiking trails

Here’s our list of our tallest favorite mountain hikes in Georgia, in order from the loftiest elevations to the lowest:

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Always leave no trace, pack out everything you pack in, and if you see trash, pick it up and pack it out.

Stay on the marked trail, tell someone where you're going, pack safety and wayfinding essentials, and don't rely on a mobile phone to find your way. Please always practice good trail etiquette. And before you go, always check the trailhead kiosk, official maps, and the park or ranger office for notices of changed routes, trail closures, safety information, and restrictions.