Run the South Peachtree Creek Trail from Decatur’s Mason Mill Park, exploring treetops on a raised boardwalk, visiting the historic Decatur Waterworks, and running to Medlock Park.

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LOCATION:metro Atlanta, Georgia

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While the South Peachtree Creek Trail isn’t the longest running trail in Atlanta, it does rack up major points for its scenic beauty. The trail explores a particularly beautiful creek valley in Decatur, exploring woodlands by way of paved trails and raised wooden boardwalks, winding through the forest’s treetops beside a tumbling creek. And a newly completed extension, opened in June 2017, expanded the trail’s length from a single mile (one way) to 1.8 miles (each way), offering an even longer venue for a great run.

Run the South Peachtree Creek Trail at Mason Mill Park in Decatur, crossing a train trestle bridge and running a boardwalk through treetops

The South Peachtree Creek Trail connects Mason Mill Park and Medlock Park in Decatur, crossing only a single, quiet neighborhood road. And the trail’s new northern extension runs creekside along Burnt Fork Creek, crossing scenic boardwalks as it meanders northbound to N Druid Hills Road. Departing south from Mason Mill Park, the trail’s first half mile is moderately challenging, descending into a railway corridor and then rolling through a hilly forest. The trail’s second half levels, traversing a raised boardwalk that meanders through the forest’s shady hardwood trees. A run along this trail isn’t long, but it’s a stunningly beautiful one, with scenic treetop views and historic structures dotting the suburban landscape. And for a longer workout, the trail is easily doubled for a great 10k workout.

South Peachtree Creek Trail at Mason Mill Park: the run

The trail departs its western trailhead near the park’s tennis center (view maps and driving directions), running a paved trail to a trestle bridge over an active rail line. The trail crosses the bridge, pivoting twice to descend elevation on a boardwalk to the ruins of the Decatur Waterworks, now covered in colorful graffiti.

Run the South Peachtree Creek Trail to the Decatur Waterworks ruins at Mason Mill Park

The trail crosses a bridge spanning Burnt Fork Creek before gaining elevation, winding on pavement through a wooded forest. Side dirt trails depart the paved trail, visiting South Peachtree Creek and its tributaries, and offer a chance to add some off-pavement mileage to the run.

The trail meets South Peachtree Creek at .6 miles, and the trail’s surface turns to a wooden boardwalk. The trail runs through the forest on its raised wooden platform, catching shade beneath the forest canopy and skirting the back yards of nearby neighborhoods.

Run a raised boardwalk at Mason Mill Park in Decatur, GA, on the South Peachtree Creek Trail

The trail crosses a neighborhood road at just under one mile, running the final, level stretch to the ballfields of Medlock Park before turning to return to the trailhead. The run reaches 2.1 miles after climbing the train trestle boardwalk. Reaching the Mason Mill Park trailhead, the run makes a northbound trek, winding just over three-quarters of a mile to the trail’s current end at North Druid Hills Road, and then doubles back to Mason Mill, reaching the trailhead and completing the adventure.

South Peachtree Creek Trail Map, Directions & Details

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Driving Directions


Free parking is available at Mason Mill Park.

GPS Coordinates

33.806067, -84.305250     //     N33 48.364 W84 18.315

Elevation Profile

South Peachtree Creek Trail at Mason Mill Park: Elevation Profile
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