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Lullwater Preserve at Emory University

Run or walk the scenic trails at Lullwater Park, following the banks of a serene lake and crossing a span bridge to explore the ruins of a 1920s powerhouse.

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LOCATION:on the Emory University campus in Atlanta, Georgia

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Lullwater Preserve offers many scenic walking and running trail loops nestled within Emory University’s North Decatur campus near Atlanta. The Lullwater Trail passes the Lullwater House mansion, skirts Candler Lake and crosses a span bridge to explore mill beside a tumbling spillway waterfall in a beautiful, wildlife-rich forest.

Lullwater Park: explore a beautiful park on the Emory University campus in Atlanta

Run or walk the scenic trails at Lullwater Park, following the banks of a serene lake and crossing a span bridge to explore the ruins of a 1920s powerhouse. #hiking #running #atlanta #georgia #travel #outdoors #adventure

Lullwater Preserve: the run

Lullwater’s many acres offer an immediate escape from the city, its towering old growth trees creating a seemingly impenetrable barrier to the gorgeous landscape within. Owls dive through the tree canopy, their intense gaze on the forest floor causing nearby squirrels to freeze their frolic. Fish pause in the shade of overhanging limbs in the Lullwater Pond. And reptiles bask in the sun-dappled forest accessible via the park’s meandering trails.

Lullwater Park at Emory University: hike or run to the ruins an octagonal, old stone powerhouse near a tumbling spillway waterfallExplore the remains of an old octagonal powerhouse at Lullwater Park

One of the park’s highlights is the private residence of Lullwater House, a 1926 Tudor mansion built with stone quarried on-site for Walter Candler, a son of Coca-Cola’s founder. The Tudor estate overlooks Candler Lake’s smooth surface, home to waterfowl and fish basking in its shallows’ sunlight. Candler Lake is dammed on its northernmost end, creating a spillway for a powerhouse that once provided electricity for the Lullwater House estate.

A wood and steel span bridge crosses downstream from the waterfall, offering access to the powerhouse’s stone ruins.

Lullway Park, located on Emory University's Atlanta campus, features this spillway waterfall near an old stone powerhouse

The former powerhouse tower is octagonal in shape, climbing two stories of stacked stone. It stands open to the sky above, ivy climbing skyward across its stone walls.

Lullwater Park’s limited access creates a feeling of solitude and privacy. It’s the perfect location for an on-campus escape into nature, a run or fitness walk, or a read beneath a shady tree on the banks of Candler Lake.

Note: access to Lullwater Preserve is limited to Emory University students, faculty, and employees.

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Lullwater Park Trail Map, Directions & Details

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Driving Directions


Parking is NOT available at the Lullwater Park trailhead. And access to the park is limited to Emory University students, faculty, and employees.

GPS Coordinates

33.795800, -84.321350     //     N33 47.748 W84 19.281

Elevation Profile

Lullwater Park Trail at Emory University

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