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Rocktown Trail

Hike through beautifully sculpted rock formations at Rocktown, one of Georgia’s most popular bouldering destinations, on the summit of Pigeon Mountain.

trail info

1.6 miles
(round trip)

LOCATION:south of Cloudland Canyon State Park (maps & directions)

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Nestled in the middle of the enormous Crockford-Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area, the Rocktown Trail is easily one of the most popular hikes in the area. Although this hike is scenic in its own unique way, it is most popular in the climbing community as one of the most diverse bouldering destinations in the South. The trail’s unique 200 million-year-old rock formations make this a great spot to explore.

Hike the Rocktown Trail through beautifully sculped rock formations in North Georgia, a popular bouldering destination

Note: A Georgia hunting license, fishing license, or a Lands Pass is required. Licenses are not available onsite; be sure to obtain your license before your hike. And these trails close during specific hunting seasons; check the Crockford-Pigeon Mountain site for information on hunting season dates and closures.

Rocktown: the hike

The hike starts from the Rocktown Trailhead (view maps and driving directions). A short distance into the hike, the trail crosses a small wooden bridge crossing over a narrow stream. After the bridge crossing, there is very little elevation gain, making this a very easy hike as the trail follows the top of the ridge on Pigeon Mountain. Oak, maple, and pine trees surround the trail as it winds through the forest.

Explore beautifully sculpted rock formations at Rocktown, a popular climbing and bouldering area in North Georgia

At a half mile, large boulders begin to flank the right side of the trail. The trail veers towards the southeast before reaching the main section of the rock field. A massive, 30-foot tall boulder with a deep over-hang immediately gives the impression of just how unique this landscape is. Once this section of the trail is reached, the trail becomes less obvious, but can be done as a ‘lollipop’ or loop trail to explore most of Rocktown. Boulders ranging from 6 feet to 50 feet dot the landscape, providing a diverse array of routes for people to test their climbing skills.

Hike through Rocktown, a popular bouldering destination in North Georgia with oddly-sculped boulders and rock outcrops

The bouldering in Rocktown has a wide variety of routes, with many routes yet to be named or discovered. The well-known routes have difficulties ranging from V0 all the way up to V9+. Please note that rock climbing and bouldering is dangerous, so please take all necessary safety precautions and inform yourself of the associated risks.

Hike the Rocktown Trail in North Georgia, visiting enormous sculpted rock outcrops and a popular bouldering area with climbers

One of the great things about this hike is that you don’t need to be a climber to enjoy the incredible rock formations that Rocktown has to offer. From a geology standpoint, the boulders are very interesting, as they were formed when the ocean covered this landscape over 200 million years ago. As the water receded, the more porous limestone eroded, exposing more resilient sandstone formations with a variety of patterns and textures. Some of the boulders are smooth and flat, while others more closely resemble the skin of a reptile. The scattered boulders also provide a great opportunity to have a picnic or just wander around and explore the narrow passages between the steep sandstone walls.

After following the vague loop, which navigates through the boulder field, the main section of trail can be located on the backside of the large 30-foot overhang boulder. The return hike doubles back to the parking area in a gentle decline, reaching the trailhead at just over 1.6 miles.

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Rocktown Trail at Pigeon Mountain Map, Directions & Details

Rocktown Trail at Pigeon Mountain Map
Rocktown Trail at Pigeon Mountain Map
This map is not a substitute for official trail maps or topographic maps.

Driving Directions


A Georgia Fishing, Hunting, or Lands Pass is required. The trail is closed to hikers and climbers on specific hunting dates on Pigeon Mountain.

GPS Coordinates

34.658817, -85.389917     //     N34 39.529 W85 23.395

Elevation Profile

Rocktown Trail at Pigeon Mountain - Elevation Profile
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