From Georgia’s mountain summits to sandy beaches, we love hanging out in our ENO hammocks. Our list of our favorite trails for a mid-hike chill in an ENO near Atlanta.

Our ENO hammocks top our lists of our favorite outdoor gear. From the towering mountain summits on the Appalachian Trail to the sandy beaches of Cumberland Island, there’s no better way to kick back and relax, on or off the trail. They travel with us pretty much everywhere, and are a staple in our backpacks. And setting up an ENO is a breeze (check out our ENO hammock review for more info). Find two sturdy trees and a gorgeous view, and you’ll be relaxing, ENO style, in minutes.

Our favorite spots to hammock near Atlanta

While a hammock can turn just about anywhere into a relaxation-filled paradise, here’s a few of our absolute favorite spots to hang an ENO in the metro Atlanta area:

  • Great places to hammock near Atlanta, Georgia: Sweetwater Creek State Park

    Sweetwater Creek State Park

    Sweetwater Creek Red Trail

    Sweetwater Creek State Park is one of our all-time favorite hiking spots near Atlanta. The park’s rugged Georgia beauty makes it easy to forget you’re close to the city.

    With over 9 miles of trails at the park, there’s plenty of places to string up an ENO and relax. Our favorite spots are along the Sweetwater Creek Red Trail, near the banks of the creek; they offer great views of the creek’s waterfalls and whitewater. We particularly love to hang our ENOs on the wooded island just before the mill ruins: it’s a quiet, perfect spot to catch gorgeous creek views and chill.

  • Great places to hammock near Atlanta, Georgia: Piedmont Park

    Midtown Atlanta

    Piedmont Park

    It’s safe to assume that on any sunny day in Atlanta, Piedmont Park will be buzzing with energy, with people running, biking, flying kites or just basking in the sunshine on Piedmont’s sprawling, grassy lawns.

    And for that reason it’s one of our favorite places to hang an ENO and people watch. The park’s many mature trees overlooking the meadow, Oak Hill and Lake Clara Meer offer strong trunks for hanging hammocks, and a great shady spot to hang out and observe the action.

  • Great places to hammock near Atlanta, Georgia: Bamboo forest on the Chattahoochee River at East Palisades

    Chattahoochee River

    East Palisades Trail

    The East Palisades Trail has long been one of our favorite trails in the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area. It’s a strikingly beautiful stretch of park with rushing, whitewater rapids, a bamboo grove and several towering rock outcrops offering gorgeous views of the river.

    One of our favorite areas to hammock is on the fringes of the bamboo forest, along the banks of the river. The rush of the water and the quiet knocking of the bamboo in the breeze creates the perfect zen-like atmosphere for relaxing and unwinding.

  • Great places to hammock near Atlanta, Georgia: Stone Mountain Lake

    Stone Mountain Park

    Stone Mountain Lake on the Cherokee Trail

    One of Atlanta’s most popular landmarks, Stone Mountain, offers a surprising number of tranquil spots to hang an ENO and relax.

    The park’s Cherokee Trail explores the lower elevations of Atlanta’s iconic, domed mountain, exploring forests, rocky outcrops and lakes. The trail offers varied terrain and plenty of opportunities to find the perfect ENO haven. We love to hammock on the shores of Venable Lake, taking in the reflective views of the mountain in the glassy waters. There are some great spots, too, in the shady, fern-filled forest along Stone Mountain’s northern base.

  • Great places to hammock near Atlanta, Georgia: Pine Mountain Trail near Cartersville

    Lake Allatoona

    Pine Mountain Trail near Cartersville

    The Pine Mountain Trail, just north of Atlanta, offers ample North Georgia beauty without the North Georgia drive.

    The trail delivers a workout-worthy climb through rocky pine forest, switching back to sweeping views of Lake Allatoona at the mountain’s summit. Gnarled pine trees grow between the scattered boulders and rocky outcrops at the peak, and offer a great place to string an ENO and enjoy the mountain breezes and amazing view. Views from the Pine Mountain summit stretch 180 degrees and include Allatoona Lake, Stone Mountain, Kennesaw Mountain and the Atlanta skyline on the horizon.

  • Great places to hammock near Atlanta, Georgia: East Palisades Trail

    More great places to hammock in Georgia

    (and where to find a great hammock!)

    Check out out our top 10 waterfall hikes in Georgia and our favorite Georgia mountain hikes to find more great places to hang a hammock.

    Don’t have an ENO yet? Check out our full review of the ENO SingleNest and DoubleNest hammocks to see what all the hype is about. Then go get one!

Hammock etiquette tips

To be sure everyone has a great time, remember a few simple rules of etiquette:

  • DON’T BLOCK TRAILS or pathways with your hammock or straps.
  • DON’T BLOCK THE VIEW. To save a great view for everyone, pick a spot that’s out of the way so others can share in the beauty.
  • PROTECT THE TREES. Improperly made straps and ropes can damage tree bark, injuring the tree. Use straps that help to minimize damage to a tree, like the ENO Atlas Suspension System. For more tips, follow these easy steps from Leave No Trace to hammock responsibly and help keep our forests healthy and strong.
  • PLEASE LEAVE NO TRACE. Enjoy the forest, but please help preserve Georgia’s natural beauty. Please remember to pack out everything you’ve packed in, and leave no trace.

Rob Sollie

Rob Sollie fell in love with the outdoors while growing up in Montana near Glacier National Park. Since he moved to Atlanta in 2001, he’s made it a mission to find great outdoor adventures in Georgia and throughout the South. Rob’s favorite trails include the Conasauga River Trail in Georgia and the Deep Gap Trail at Mount Mitchell near Asheville.