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Savannah is Georgia’s beloved coastal city, loved by visitors and residents for its historic architecture, its nearby coastal marsh, and sandy beaches, and its gnarly-branched oak trees draped in Spanish moss blowing gently in the sea breeze. The city is Georgia’s oldest, dating to the early 1700s when the city served as an important colonial port located on the Savannah River.

Statues, memorials, fountains and stately historic mansions pack the city’s well-preserved historic district, where visitors stroll perfectly-gridded streets peppered with park-like squares. But architecture aside, the city offers active outdoor adventure in and near the city, offering residents and visitors some incredible running and hiking trails.

Hike, run, walk or backpack our favorite trails near Savannah, Georgia, exploring the city’s historic district and nearby Atlantic coast.  #hiking #running #camping #backpacking #savannah #georgia #travel #outdoors #adventure

Savannah hiking and running: our favorite trails

Our favorite hiking, running and backpacking trails near the city include an urban run in historic Forsyth Park, a historic hike at the Wormsloe tabby ruins (and the plantation’s iconic, oak-lined drive), and coastal exploration at nearby Skidaway Island State Park. Thanks to nearly level terrain, these hiking trails make an equally great trail run for beginning and seasoned runners. South of the city, trek an epic backpacking adventure at Cumberland Island, catching views of Carnegie mansion ruins and herds of wild horses.

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Please Remember

Always leave no trace, pack out everything you pack in, and if you see trash, pick it up and pack it out.

Stay on the marked trail, tell someone where you're going, pack safety and wayfinding essentials, and don't rely on a mobile phone to find your way. Please always practice good trail etiquette. And before you go, always check the trailhead kiosk, official maps, and the park or ranger office for notices of changed routes, trail closures, safety information, and restrictions.