Kennesaw Mountain rises from the rolling Marietta landscape just north of Atlanta. The mountain stands beside its smaller, neighboring peak, Little Kennesaw, towering over the surrounding forest and suburban sprawl. This nearly 3,000-acre National Battlefield Park offers over twenty miles of trails that weave through forests, over mountaintops and through grassy meadows, and make for a great run, hike or outdoor adventure near Atlanta.

The park’s now-beautiful landscape was once the site of a bloody, muddy Civil War battle. Entrenched Confederate soldiers fought approaching Union troops on the mountain during the war’s Atlanta campaign. Thousands lost their lives on Kennesaw’s mountains, hills, and fields during a grueling, 14-day battle.

Today, cannons, earthen fortifications, trenches, and monuments are the few reminders of the mountain’s bloody history. Present-day Kennesaw Mountain offers a lesson in history, as well as a great outdoor escape just North of Atlanta. The park’s many miles of trails explore mountain summits, grassy meadows, shady forests and meandering creeks, offering a great trail run, hike, or walk through beautiful, scenic terrain.

Hike or run our favorite Kennesaw Mountain trails near Atlanta. Explore Civil War History, stunning summit views, and rolling, rocky, ferny forest on over 15 miles of the mountain's best trails. #hiking #running #atlanta #georgia #travel #outdoors #adventure

Kennesaw Mountain trails: our favorite hikes

These top Kennesaw Mountain trails vary in difficulty and in length, and they’re all uniquely different and fully worthy of a day hike or trail run. Catch views of the Atlanta city skyline from the mountain’s summits, visit Civil War memorials and monuments, and trek through gently rolling, stream-filled forests. Wherever your adventures take you, please help preserve the history and beauty of the mountain’s trails, battlefields, and summits. Please pack out everything you pack in, leave no trace, and don’t walk or climb on historic earthworks or cannons.