Rabun County trails: Hiking near Lake Burton, Clayton and Sky Valley, Georgia Georgia Hiking Trails

Rabun County trails: our favorite hikes near Lake Burton, Clayton and Sky Valley, Georgia

Georgia's Rabun County is rugged, wild and beautiful. Hike Rabun County's best trails to spilling waterfalls at Lake Burton and Lake Rabun, towering summits like Rabun Bald, and Bartram Trail hikes on the crystal-clear Chattooga River.

Rabun County is nestled in Georgia’s northeast corner – and it’s full of opportunities for outdoor adventures. With a trio of gorgeous lakes, towering mountains (including Georgia’s second tallest peak), crystal-clear rivers and tumbling whitewater, there’s a whole lot of hiking, running, biking, rafting and paddling fun to be had in the county. Rabun County’s tumbling waterfalls, 360-degree panoramas from bald mountaintops and wildflower-filled valleys offer some pretty spectacular hiking – and with a high elevation, the county’s weather in summer is usually mild, making it perfect for summertime trail time. Two famous long-range trails, the Appalachian Trail and Bartram Trail, cross through Rabun County, offering fantastic overnight backpacking adventures.

Hike Georgia's Rabun County to stunning summit views, tumbling waterfalls and wildflower-filled valleysAbove: Hike the Bartram Trail to stunning views from the Rabun Bald summit in Rabun County

Lake Burton, Lake Rabun and Lake Seed, Rabun County’s trio of beautiful lakes, are a major draw for boaters and paddlers. The glassy lakes, framed by a meandering shoreline bordered in rolling mountains, are exceptionally beautiful, and several waterfalls, Angel Falls, Minnehaha Falls and Hemlock Falls, tumble down near the lakes’ shores.

Hike Rabun County to some of Georgia's best hiking destinations, including the stunning Minnehaha Falls waterfallAbove: Hike to Rabun County’s most popular waterfall, the beautiful cascades of Minnehaha Falls at Lake Rabun

To the west of the lakes, Tallulah Gorge carves deep into the county, offering hikes with stunning overlook views and adventures to the waterfalls deep within the canyon. East of Clayton, the Bartram Trail explores the banks of the nearly-crystal-clear Chattooga River upstream from its famous, tumultuous whitewater, and winds through Warwoman Dell, a beautiful valley filled with waterfalls and wildflowers. To the north, near Sky Valley, the Bartram Trail hikes to the summit of Rabun Bald, catching take-your-breath-away panoramas from Georgia’s second-tallest mountain. And speaking of mountains, Black Rock Mountain State Park is a lofty, high-elevation adventure with miles of great trails and some stunning views (Black Rock Mountain is Georgia’s highest-elevation state park).

Rabun County hiking trails: our favorite hikes

From north to south and east to west, Rabun County’s beauty is simply stunning. It’s rugged yet serene, from deep-cut canyons with rushing waterfalls to crystalline rivers and placid lakes. It’s easily one of our favorite destinations for outdoor adventure in Georgia. This is our collection of our favorite trails in Rabun County, all worthy of a visit. Hike them all, if you can… you’ll be left in amazement, as we always are, for the immense beauty of this county.

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