Georgia winter hikes: our favorite trails

Top Georgia winter hikes: our favorite trails

Our top Georgia winter hikes explore frozen waterfalls, frosty mountaintops and stunning views in one of our state's top hiking & backpacking seasons.

Don’t ditch your hiking boots when temperatures plummet and the foliage falls: you’ll miss out on one of Georgia’s best hiking seasons. Autumn’s deciduous leaf drop opens wide winter vistas on mountain summits otherwise cloaked in leaf cover. Icicles drip from the crest of waterfalls, creating light-reflecting prisms. And wintery fog and snow dustings turn familiar, favorite landscapes into new sensory experiences. Welcome to winter hiking in Georgia’s cool climate.

Winter Hiking in Georgia: Our Favorite Trails

Winter is a great season to break out the tent and head for adventure: cool nighttime temperatures make the season perfect for some snug winter camping or a frosty Georgia backpacking adventure. There’s nothing quite like waking up to a forest blanketed in a newly-fallen layer of snow, or downing a piping-hot cup of coffee at a frosty, icy campsite.

Georgia winter hikes: our top 12 favorite wintertime hikes

These are our favorite Georgia winter hikes, from the chilly altitudes of Georgia’s southern Appalachian mountains to its more temperate southern coastline. They’re all beautiful year-round, but arguably better in cooler temperatures: it’s a great time to hit Georgia’s usually-sweltering southern half, and in the north GA mountains, nothing beats the beauty of a frozen waterfall.

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